Objects can help us to express ourselves. Their presence distracts us and we don’t seem to be talking about ourselves. Αt the same time personal objects are carriers of memories, emotions and personal stories. Starting from the personal story, this workshop is about dynamic of sharing and collective creation.



  • To propose an expressive language through play and through the manipulation of the

  • To help to externalise feelings and experiences that are difficult to be expressed.

  • To recognise, share and learn about one’s own experience as an allophone.

  • To express and communicate in a verbal, in a non-verbal corporal way and through the arts.



  1. We start with a motor activity to get to know each other in a plenary session. Each person holds the personal object he/she has brought and exchanges it for another object, always trying to remember the name of the person who gave it to him/her, so that he/she can pass it on correctly to the next person.

In this way all members with all objects are acquainted.

The game is completed when each object is returned to its owner’s hands.


  1. We split into pairs.

Each member tells his/her partner the story of his/her personal object. The first time verbally, the second time in more artistic ways, such as dancing, singing, mime, drawing, etc.

Each member can ask his/her partner any questions.

The pairs, with respect and care, exchange stories and objects with each other and say goodbye.

  1. Each member entrusted with a personal story and an object meets 3 other participants, who hold objects and stories respectively and together they form a group of 4.

Each group is asked, after sharing the stories and objects, to create a new common story with elements of all the stories shared.

Respect and trust are essential conditions in teamwork.


  1. The new devised story is presented to the audience (other groups) through a variety of theatrical forms e.g. image theatre, dramatized narration, improvisation, shadow theatre, object theatre.


  1. When the stories are presented it is interesting to have a discussion with the audience and in particular with the owners of the objects about the elements of their personal stories that they have recognized in the new devised story: what elements were preserved, how their story was connected to the stories of others, how the objects tell stories, etc.


Martha Katsaridou

Koldo Vío


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